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Swchwing (v.)(sh-wing)

To give or to achieve an erection. Past tense: Schwung (as opposed to the common incorrect form schwinged). In old English it was used as schwingeth. May also be used as an onomatopoeia.
Schwinger: One who inspires the erection.
Schwingee: One who receives an erection.
All of the above can only be used in a masculine context.
Origin: Wayne's World (movie)

Clients: "Schwing me please, thou beautious schwinger. Let me be your schwingee!"
Camgirl: "Guys, allow me to be your schwinger tonight, get in line please"

(easy to remember as word if you think of swingers (ad a "ch" after first letter and there it is)

Often confused with fluffer - which is a person in the adult entertainment industry whose job it is to give male porno stars blowjobs in order to get them ready to perform.