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ChatLIVE videochat - Who we are today

Although we aren't a extremely big videochat studio or with an impressive seniority in videochat or having a huge number of active models, but with certitude we have the best image as a videochat studio in the adult industry, in Romania. How did we make this happen? That is remarkable easy: we were at all times 101% fair with our models, we always cared for our employees both when were present at work in our offices as when they were in their spare time and they needed our help. We get to hear about models that regret us and they are ashamed to re-aproach us, but you will not get to hear about any models that worked for us, complaining about the fact we were unfair regarding videochat activity.
We dedicated and we will continue to dedicate our time and efforts to help rise the videochat activity to a higher level. As some of you know or heard about:

  • We are the authors of the most complete and complex guide dedicated to videochat activity that was made public since March 2012. Even still then there are thousands of independent models and videochat studios that have studied our educational materials for videochat activity and there are at least tens of people that left commentaries where they expressed their content with our intention to help them.
  • We are the authors of a lot of software applications (both for studios as for models). Some applications we created were made public at some point, others are available just at 'closed doors negotiations'. The videochat website was in necogiations with's team ,for example, for a dedicated software used for HD enconding for their website and they are the only ones that violated moral ethics and stole it with nonchalance!
  • We also are active members of the two greatest videochat forums in Romania (www. and - with screen names TheSelby and SunFlower)
  • We partcipated at diffrent summits obviously dedicated to the adult industry, including the summit TES held in Budhapest in September 2013, AW Summit first edition held in Predeal in February 2014 (wich we sponsored and I was speaker in the seminary with the title 'Technical trends in VideoChat'), at the summit TES held in Barcelona in March 2014 and the second edition AW Summitheld in Mamaia June 2014

Although we care and we are involved in keeping a good image of videchat in Romania and constantly advocate for it's improvement, the most important values for ChatLIVE are our models. It is fair, this type of behaviour is fatherly but, it is also natural that the parents brag about their kids. Although we wish to brag ourselfs that we are the best in the market we will never be able to declare such a thing, although we would like to evolve at once with ChatLIVE girls, to get to offer them the best working conditions and the fairest and most transparent employment offers, without lying about their bonuses or any other offers that will mislead our future employees.